The Executive

Responsibility for administering the federal government of Ansonia on the King's behalf rests with federal ministers, who are accountable to the Congress. Senior ministers are appointed to the Cabinet - officially called the Federal Executive Committee of the Council of State - which is collectively responsible for policy and its implementation.

The Cabinet is chaired by the Prime Minister, who is appointed by the King after being nominated by the Congress. Most Ansonian governments are coalitions, and the choice of nominee is normally agreed among the coalition parties (he/she is usually, but not necessarily, the leader of the largest party).

The Prime Minister nominates other ministers, who are also appointed by the King. Federal Ministers are appointed to the Council of State and serve in the Cabinet. There are also Deputy and Assistant Federal Ministers who work within government departments and are not in the Cabinet.

The Cabinet

(Federal Executive Committee of the Council of State)
Prime Minister and President of the Council of State The Rt.Hon. James Salton, CP
Vice-President of the Council of State The Rt.Hon. Megan Fowley, CP
Federal Treasurer The Rt.Hon. Daniel Thor, CP
Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs The Rt.Hon. Jennifer Penhellan, CP
Federal Minister for Justice The Rt.Hon. Martin Canterton, SP
Federal Minister for ..... The Rt.Hon. ....., SP


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