Emblems of Ansonia

St.Anson's Cross


The Starsun

Cirnevian monument showing the starsun.
The heraldic starsun currently in use (left), and an early Cirnevian version (right)
The starsun on the Ansonian Royal Navy's ensign

The Starsun is an ancient pagan Cirnevian symbol which celebrated the gods of the sky. Some Cirnevian kings claimed descent from a union of the Sun-god and a star-goddess (different kings claimed different star-goddesses), and so the symbol became particularly associated with royalty.

After Harold I became King of Ansonia in 668 BP he started proclaiming his royal status by using the starsun along with his own badge of a leaping stag. Cruis religious leaders objected strenuously to the use of this pagan symbol, but were ignored. When the medieval art of heraldry developed shortly afterwards, the stag-and-starsun blazon became standardized in its present form.

After the Gronk conquest in 198 BP, use of the stag-and-starsun symbology was prohibited, and the vassal Agron Ansonian dukes and kings replaced it with the combined arms of the various territories of Ansonia, with Agronia taking precedence. The starsun later became associated with nationalist movements, eclipsed only briefly by the Ansonian Star, and was fully restored when the independent monarchy returned in 302. As well as appearing on the royal arms, it is part of the royal crown and features prominently in military symbology and elsewhere.

The colours of the starsun are not fixed - it is yellow in the royal arms but white on ensigns. However, it is now usual for the star to be the same as the background colour on which the starsun is placed. Heraldically, this is blazoned as "a sun in splendour pierced of a mullet of four."

The Ansonian Star

The Ansonian Star was first used as a symbol by Ansonian partisans against the militias of Northern Gronk, and was incorporated into the flag of the Ansonian Federation in 299. It is a stylised 8 pointed star symbolising the 8 principles of nationhood of the Ansonian Federation :

Belief In God, Loyalty To The Country, The Supremacy Of The Constitution, Equality Of All Men, Social Justice, The Rule Of Law, Mutual Respect and Good Social Behaviour.

The failure of the Federation regime to uphold these principles meant that its symbols became associated with corruption and authoritarianism. Consequently when the regime fell after Kemedal's independence in 302, its symbols were rejected in favour of the traditional emblems of the Ansonian Kingdom.

Diplomatic objections were raised when the star was first introduced because it is identical to the one used by Neoliliana and the former Liliani Empire, but assurances were given that the similarity was purely coincidental.

Diplomatic Seal

The diplomatic seal is a simple grey rectangle containing the small arms of Ansonia and the words "Embassy [or Consulate etc] of the Kingdom of Ansonia.

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