Prince Adolphus, Duke of CambridgeS George III1774-1850
Albert (of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha), Prince Consort H Qn Victoria1819-1861
Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence S Edward VII1864-1892
Alexandra (of Denmark), Queen of the UK W Edward VII 1844-1925
Princess Alexandra, Duchess of FifeGD Qn Victoria 1891-1959
Princess Alexandra of Kent, Lady OgilvyGD George V 1936-
Alfonso, Earl of Chester S Henry III1273-1284
Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh S Qn Victoria1844-1900
Princess Alice (Montagu Douglas Scott), Duchess of GloucesterDiL George V 1901-2004
Princess Alice, Grand Duchess of HesseD Qn Victoria 1843-1878
Princess Amelia D George II1711-1786
Princess Amelia D George III1783-1810
Prince Andrew, Duke of YorkS Elizabeth II 1960-
Anne, Queen of GB & IrelandD James II & VII1665-1714
Anne (Boleyn), Queen of England, W Henry VIII1507-1536
Anne (of Cleves), Queen of England, W Henry VIII1515-1557
Anne (of Denmark), Queen of England, Scotland & IrelandW James I & VI1709-1759
Anne, Princess Royal & Princess of Orange-NassauD George II1709-1759
Anne, Princess Royal D Elizabeth II1950-
Anne (Hyde), Duchess of York W James II & VII1637-1671
Anthony Armstrong-Jones, Earl of SnowdonSiL George VI 1930-2017
Prince Arthur, Duke of ConnaughtS Qn Victoria 1850-1942
Arthur, Prince of WalesS Henry VII 1486-1502
Augusta (of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg), Princess of WalesDiL George II1719-1772
Princess Augusta, Duchess of Brunswick-WolfenbuttelGD George II1737-1813
Princess Augusta Sophia D George III1768-1840
Prince Augustus, Duke of SussexS George III 1773-1843
Beatrice, Princess Henry of Battenberg D Qn Victoria1857-1944
Princess Beatrice of York GD Elizabeth II1988-
Henry Beaufort, Earl of SomersetGGS Edward III1400-1418
John Beaufort, Earl of Somersetbefore legitimizationGS Edward III1371-1410
John Beaufort, Duke of SomersetGGS Edward III1404-1444
Margaret (Beaufort), Countess of Richmond & DerbyGGGD Edward IIIc.1441-1509
Thomas Beaufort, Duke of ExeterGS Edward III1377-1426
Birgitte (van Deurs), Duchess of Gloucester GDiL George V1946-
Camilla (Parker-Bowles, née Shand), Duchess of Cornwall DiL Elizabeth II 1947-
John Campbell, Duke of Argyll SiL Qn Victoria1845-1914
Princess CarolineD George II1713-1757
Catherine (de Valois), Queen of England W Henry V1401-1437
Catherine (of Aragon), Queen of England W Henry VIII1485-1536
Catherine (Howard), Queen of England & Ireland W Henry VIIIc.1523-1542
Catherine (Parr), Queen of England & Ireland W Henry VIII1512-1548
Catherine (Middleton), Duchess of Cambridge GDiL Elizabeth II1982-
Catherine (of York), Countess of Devon D Edward IV1479-1527
Cecily (of York), Viscountess Welles D Edward IV1469-1507
Charles I, King of England, Scotland & Ireland as Duke of YorkS James I & VI1600-1649
Princes Charles, James & Charles, Ds of Cambridge Sons James II & VII1660s
Prince Charles, Duke of Kendal S James II & VII1666-1667
Charles, Prince of Wales S Elizabeth II1948-
Charlotte, Queen of Württembergas Princess RoyalD George III 1766-1828
Princess Charlotte of Wales D George IV1796-1817
Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein SiL Qn Victoria1831-1917
Diana (Spencer), Princess of Wales DiL Elizabeth II1961-1997
Alexander Duff, Duke of Fife SiL Edward VII1849-1912
Edmund (of Woodstock), Earl of Kent S Edward I1301-1330
Edmund (Crouchback), Earl of Lancaster S Henry III1245-1296
Edmund, Earl of Rutland GGS Edward III1443-1460
Edmund (of Langley), Duke of York S Edward III1341-1402
Edmund (of Norwich), Duke of York GS Edward III1373-1415
Edward I, King of England S Edward I1239-1307
Edward II, King of England as Prince of WalesS Edward I1284-1327
Edward III, King of England S Edward II1312-1377
Edward IV, King of England as Duke of YorkGGS Edward III1442-1483
Edward V, King of England as Prince of WalesS Edward IV1470-1483?
Edward VI, King of England & Ireland S Henry VIII1537-1553
Edward VII, King of the UK as Prince of WalesS Qn Victoria1841-1901
Edward VIII, King of the UK as Duke of WindsorS George V 1894-1972
Prince Edward, Duke of Kent S George III1767-1820
Prince Edward, Duke of Kent GS George V1935-
Edward "The Black Prince", Prince of Wales S Edward III1330-1376-
Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex S Elizabeth II1964-
Prince Edward Augustus, Duke of York GS George II1739-1767
Eleanor (of Provence), Queen of England W Henry III1223-1291
Elizabeth I, Queen of England & Ireland D Henry VIII 1533-1603
Elizabeth II, Queen of the UK as Princess ElizabethD George VI 1926-
Elizabeth (of York), Queen of EnglandW Henry VII ; D Edward IV 1466-1503
Elizabeth (Bowes-Lyon), Queen of the UK W George VI1900-2002
Princess Elizabeth, Landgravine of Hesse-Homburg D George III1770-1840
Prince Ernest Augustus, Duke of CumberlandS George III1771-1851
Prince Ernest Augustus, Duke of YorkGGS James I & VI1674-1728
Princess Eugenie of York GD Elizabeth II1990-
Frederick, Prince of Walesas Duke of EdinburghS George II 1707-1751
Prince Frederick, Duke of York S George III1763-1827
Friedrich III, German Emperor SiL Q Victoria1831-1888
George I, King of GB & Ireland GGS James I & VI1660-1727
George II, King of GB & Ireland as Prince of WalesS George I 1683-1760
George III, King of the UK as Pr George of WalesGS George II 1738-1820
George IV, King of the UK as Prince of WalesS George III 1762-1830
George V, King of the UK as Duke of YorkS Edward VII 1865-1936
George VI, King of the UK as Duke of YorkS George V1895-1952
Prince George, Duke of CambridgeGS George III1819-1904
George, Duke of ClarenceGGS Edward III1449-1478
Prince George (of Denmark), Duke of CumberlandH Qn Anne1653-1708
Prince George, Duke of Cumberland GS George III1819-1878
Prince George, Duke of Kent S George V1902-1942
Haakan VII, King of Norway SiL Edward VII1872-1957
Helena, Princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein D Qn Victoria1846-1923
Henrietta Maria (of France), Queen of England, Scotland & Ireland W Charles I1609-1669
Henry III, King of England S King John1206-1272
Henry IV, King of England as Duke of HerefordGS Edward III1366-1413
Henry V, King of England as Prince of WalesS Henry IV1387-1422
Henry VI, King of England S Henry V1421-1471
Henry VII, King of Englandas Earl of Richmond GGGGS Edward III1457-1509
Henry VIII, King of England & Irelandas Duke of York S Henry VII1491-1547
Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester S George V1900-1974
Prince Henry (Harry), Duke of Sussex S Elizabeth II1984-
Prince Henry of Battenberg SiL Qn Victoria1858-1896
Prince Henry Frederick, Duke of Cumberland GS George II1745-1790
Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales S James I & VI1594-1612
Humphrey (of Lancaster), Duke of Gloucester S Henry IV1390-1447
James II & VII, King of England, Scotland & Irelandas Duke of York ; S Charles I 1633-1701
Jane (Seymour), Queen of EnglandW Henry VIII 1508-1537
King John before becoming kingS Henry II1167-1216
John (of Lancaster), Duke of BedfordS Henry IV1389-1435
John (of Eltham), Earl of CornwallS Edward II1316-1336
John (of Gaunt), Duke of LancasterS Edward III1340-1399
Katherine (Worsley), Duchess of Kent GDiL George VI1933-
Henry Lascelles, Earl of Harewood SiL George V1882-1947
Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany S Qn Victoria1853-1884
Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg-SaalfeldSiL George IV1790-1865
Lionel (of Antwerp), Duke of ClarenceS Edward III1338-1368
Louise, Queen of Denmark & NorwayD George II1724-1751
Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyle D Qn Victoria1848-1939
Princess Louise, Duchess of Connaught DiL Qn Victoria1860-1916
Louise, Princess Royal & Duchess of Fife D Edward VII1867-1931
Ludwig IV, Grand Duke of Hesse SiL Qn Victoria1837-1892
Princess Marina (of Greece & Denmark), Duchess of Kent DiL George V1906-1968
Margaret (Tudor), Queen of Scots D Henry VII ; W James IV1489-1541
Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon D George VI1930-2002
Mary I, Queen of England & Ireland with Philip II of SpainD Henry VIII 1516-1558
Mary II, Queen of England, Scotland & Ireland with William IIID James II & VII 1662-1694
Mary (of Teck), Queen of the UK W George V 1867-1953
Mary (Tudor), Queen of Francelater Duchess of SuffolkD Henry VII1496-1533
Princess MaryD George II1723-1772
Princess Mary, Duchess of GloucesterD George III1776-1857
Mary, Princess Royal D George V1897-1965
Maud, Queen of Norway D Edward VII1869-1938
Meghan (Markle), Duchess of Sussex GDiL Elizabeth II1981-
Prince Michael of Kent GS George V1942-
Princess Michael of Kent (Marie Christine von Reibnitz) GDiL George V1945-
Sir Angus Ogilvy GSiL George V1928-2004
Prince Philip (Mountbatten), Duke of Edinburgh H Elizabeth II1921-2021
Capt. Mark Phillips SiL Elizabeth II1948-
Richard I, King of England S Henry II1157-1199
Richard II, King of England GS Edward III1367-1400
Richard III, King of England as Duke of GloucesterGGS Edward III1452-1485
Richard (of Conisburgh), Earl of Cambridge GS Edward III1385-1415
Richard, Earl of Cornwall, King of the Romans S King John1209-1272
Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester GS George V1944-
Richard, Duke of York GGS Edward III1411-1460
Richard, Duke of York S Edward IV1473-1483?
Sarah (Fergusson), Duchess of York DiL Elizabeth II1959-
Princess SophiaD George III1777-1848
Sophie (Rhys-Jones), Countess of Wessex DiL Elizabeth II1965-
Thomas (of Lancaster), Duke of Clarence S Henry IV1387-1421
Thomas (of Woodstock), Duke of Gloucester S Edward III1356-1397
Thomas (of Brotherton), Earl of Norfolk S Edward I1300-1338
Victoria, Queen of the UK GD George III1819-1901
Victoria, Princess Royal & German Empress D Qn Victoria1840-1901
Princess VictoriaD Edward VII1868-1935
William III, King of England, Scotland & Ireland SiL James II & VII1650-1702
William IV, King of the UK as Duke of ClarenceS George III1765-1837
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge GS Elizabeth II1982-
Prince William, Duke of Gloucester S Qn Qnne1689-1700
Prince William of Gloucester GS George V1941-1972
Prince William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland S George II1721-1765
Prince William Frederick, Duke of Gloucester GGS George II1776-1834
Prince William Henry, Duke of Gloucester GS George II1743-1805